Customized User Friendly Responsive Web Designs Utilizing Current Web Standards.

Manipulating HTML5 and CSS3 to provide optimum page ranking, browser compatibility, and performance.

Custom Coding

Design and Developer state-of-the-art web solutions utilizing current web technologies. My web development skills are extensive which include intimate knowledge of HTML5, CSS front-end libraries, writing custom CSS/SASS, JavaScript libraries such as angularJS and jQuery, PHP and other modern technologies.

Social Media

Social media is must have for any marketing campaign. The best way to reach your users is to engage your users. Let me help you optimize your social media strategy for a better return on investment.

My Clients

I design and develop web solutions that are beautiful, mobile-friendly, with an inviting friendly user experience. Incorporating responsive design, SEO techniques and social networking to create a unique web experience. My focus is your success. Custom Web Solutions for any business needs.

Who I am as a Software Guy?


Everything that you can visually see on the web is the mix of HTML markup, CSS styling and JavaScript librarys. Those are the main three languages used to build the presentation layer of your website in the best way possible. I'm a User Experience Architect by nature, highly motivated and versatile with a variety of frontend and backend web technology experience. I love building a project from concept, beta testing & development to launch.

Kalamazoo Michigan based freelance web developer and designer. I passionately manipulate pixels and lines of code to craft clean, responsive, and user-friendly websites. My current weapons of choice are PHP, HTML5, CSS3, bootstrap, jQuery. Both a Web Engineer and Designer, I help bring web ideas into workable solutions. Contact me today and I would love to hear about your business.

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